Purple Tiger Chilli Seeds

Chilli Seeds for Sale

The Purple Tiger chilli is one of our favourite types – we grow it every year. The seeds produce a very attractive looking plant which produce chillies that are almost tear drop shaped start green and then they turn purple and red.

This is a capsicum annum variety and is ideal as an ornamental plant, pot plant and thrives in sheltered areas. The foliage is tri coloured – green, purple and white.

We have partnered with Ebay to show you these live auctions in the following table. Obviously, we cannot guarantee that there will always be seeds available for your to buy, so this may appear blank at some junctures.




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Cocoa Loco Chilli Chocolate Gift Set

This Cocoa Loco chilli chocolate gift box contains

– four organic chilli chocolate brownies – these are super great – they have just a hint of warmth that adds to the rich chocolate taste of the brownies!)

– two chocolate discs made with the worlds hottest chilli!!

– a smooth & spicy white chilli chocolate bar


cocoa loco chilli


chili chocolate gift set



Chilli Plants For Sale

Chilli Plants For Sale

If you live in an area where it is hard to germinate and then grow chilli plants then we have the perfect solution for you. You can still grow your own chilli plants and enjoy the kick that they give to your recipes!

We have chosen a selection of chilli plants for you and when they are in season these will be supplied as young plants. They are sent in the post and these plants have been given the perfect start in life for you to to grow and enjoy!

These are still in season so grab them while you can.




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Chilli Red Mouse

Here at The English Chilli Company, we scour the internet for various chilli related bits and bobs. We search high and low, in an effort to bring you the internets harvest of chilli produce and we feel that we have encelled ourselves this time.

Computer peripherals! A Mouse. A Chilli Red Mouse, in the shape of a chilli.

It works perfectly with all computers, simply plug in and turn on your computer.

Here is some geeky stuff about it – includes USB /PS2 combo plug for all PC and Mac computers. Resolution 800 dpi. System requirements: Windows 98, 2000, XP NT and Vista. Linux. Mac OS X.


Habanero Chilli Peanuts

Habanero Chilli Peanuts



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F1 Chilli Seeds

F1 Chilli Varieties

F1 hybrid chilli seeds are varieties that have been commercially produced seeds so that they combine certain traits of two parent plants – such as being resistance to disease or pests or a natural inclination to produce heavy yields.

We have selected for you a range of F1 seeds to choose from:



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Chilli Chocolate Gift Hamper

Chilli Chocolate Gift Hamper

Any self respecting chilli lover would simply love to receive this fantastic hamper from Montezumas.

All of their chilli chocolate products are created to blend the amazing warmth of the flavours experienced through spices so that they won’t cause too many distractions from the superb chocolate.

However you do have to love chillies to enjoy this gift box!

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