The Hot Book of Chillies by David Floyd

The best English Book on Chillies

This book has been written by David Floyd one of the founding members of the UK’s best chilli website The Chile Foundry

The book covers a diverse range of chilli topics such as what makes chillies hot? What are the health benefits derived from eating them? How can you grow them, cook with them and preserve them?

The book comes with a wonderful gallery of almost 100 popular varieties – such as the mild jalapeno to the blistering habanero.


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The Pepper Garden by Dave Dewitt and Paul W. Bosland

The perfect chilli guide – highly recommended

This book provides a comprehensive guide for the person just beginning to grow chilli peppers and also provides a great reference manual for the more experienced grower.

It walks us through the entire growing process – from seed propagation techniques to garden layout suggestions. It also covers the history of chilli peppers from the beginning to present day commercial and home growing operations.

There are some full colour illustrations and many useful line drawings. We feel that no self respecting chilli-head should without this manual.


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The Chilli Pepper Encyclopedia

by Dave DeWitt

The Chilli Pepper Encyclopedia probably has the answer to almost any question that you could ever want to ask about chillies.

For example they answer which chiles are the hottest? From what country did the first chilli plants originate? Can chillies really be used to cure headaches?

Even the most devoted “chile-heads” will be satisfied.

The encyclopedia is researched and written by Dave Dewitt, one of the World’s foremost experts on hot and spicy foods.

In addition to entries on chile species, culture, terminology and agriculture, this encyclopedia includes over 100 fiery recipes from cuisines around the world.’

There are black and white drawings and photographs, charts and graphs that appear throughout, and there is an eight page insert includes color photographs of dozens of varieties of chiles, which will prove invaluable for identification.

The Chile Pepper Encyclopedia is an indispensable sourcebook for chile aficionados, gardeners, cooks, and anyone else who has a burning interest in fiery foods.



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The Healing Power of Peppers

With Chilli Pepper Recipes and Folk Remedies for Better Health and Living

Millions of chilli heads really enjoy the amazingly hot flavours of chilli peppers without becoming fully away of the plentiful health benefits that they offer. The team that have written The Healing Powers of Peppers help us to begin engaging with an abundance scientific and medical information.

This includes personal written testimonies regarding the amazing advantagous benefits of chillies.

They show us that many different cultures have known about the real power of chillies and they catalogue dozens of medicinal recipes for a surprising number of aches and pains.

These include:

* Improve circulation
* Fight the common cold
* Aid digestion
* Speed up metabolism
* Lower cholesterol
* Relieve pain

Peppered (get it?) throughout this chilli fact stuffed book are interesting bits of trivia about the world of peppers.





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Chile Peppers: Hot Tips and Tasty Picks for Gardeners and Gourmets (Brooklyn Botanic Garden Handbooks)

Chile Peppers: Hot Tips and Tasty Picks for Gardeners and Gourmets

This book has been written by some of the foremost chilli afficianados in the USA. They have come together to produce this book specifically written for chilli gardeners.

This will prove to be an indispensable guide and it teaches the history of the chilli, the science behind their heat (scoville heat units), why people keep coming back for more and more and the remedies used to cure the diseases.

Amateur and experienced gardeners alike will be able to learn to grow different varieties, indoors and outdoors.

This book comes with beautiful colour photographs which make species identification easy, and the list of accredited seed retailers is a handy reference for every gardener.


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Chilli Cook Books

Cooking with Chilli

If like the chaps at The English Chilli Company, you like to grow your own chilli plants every year, there is nothing more rewarding than being able to cook with your chilli harvest.

We’ve scoured Amazon looking for the best selection of chili cook books that you could hope for anywhere on the interweb.

We have a selection of books about chillies here.



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