James Chocolates Chilli Chocolate Sardines

‘James Chocolates’ was founded by chocolatier, James Hutchins who is based in the South West of England. They source the finest chocolate and other ingredients from around the world and they very much specialise in unique, handmade creations.

These sardine shaped dark chocolate treats have a warming chilli kick.

They now make over 100 different chocolates, which are sold through dozens of outlets across the country, including Harrods, John Lewis, Fortnum & Mason and Harvey Nichols and they have a loyal following from specialist food retailers across the country.

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Chilli Fudge | Friars of Keswick

Another day, another post, this time we are reviewing a product from the kind people at Friars of Keswicks who have sent us a parcel of goodies that we shall review over the coming weeks.

First up from their selection is some Chilli Fudge which they describe as creamy butter fudge combined with dried chilli flakes to create a delicious fudge with a subtle heat.

The parcel arrived less than an hour ago and the fudge was the item that caught our beady eye!

The fudge is top quality – exactly what you would hope for – it’s not gooey – and it delightfully crumbly in texture. We scoffed the first pack within minutes – this is a really tasty product, in terms of heat they have managed to get the balance between heat and flavour right – they have not taken the heat up to crazy levels – it subtle, a slow burner and the heat slowly but surely builds, never passing an intolerable level.

All in all a great product and at the price they sell it for, an absolute bargain!


chilli fudge


friars of keswick chilli fudge



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Chilli Jelly Sweets

Chilli Jellies – The Hottest Jelly Sweets You Can Find!

Get your own super charged taste bud hit sensation with these exceptionally spicy Chilli Jelly Sweets.

Pop one into your mouth and chew for a second and you’ll be thinking “what is all the fuss is about”.

Chew on, my friend – you’re on a train marked chilliville, and you are about to arrive at the destination.

Whether you want the entire pack for yourself or you wish to spike up unwitting guests is up to you, these Chilli Jelly Sweets are awesome!


chilli jellies sweets


Chili jelly sweets


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