Cocoa Loco Chilli Chocolate Gift Set

This Cocoa Loco chilli chocolate gift box contains

– four organic chilli chocolate brownies – these are super great – they have just a hint of warmth that adds to the rich chocolate taste of the brownies!)

– two chocolate discs made with the worlds hottest chilli!!

– a smooth & spicy white chilli chocolate bar


cocoa loco chilli


chili chocolate gift set



Chilli Chocolate Gift Hamper

Chilli Chocolate Gift Hamper

Any self respecting chilli lover would simply love to receive this fantastic hamper from Montezumas.

All of their chilli chocolate products are created to blend the amazing warmth of the flavours experienced through spices so that they won’t cause too many distractions from the superb chocolate.

However you do have to love chillies to enjoy this gift box!

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Chilli Chocolate Cube

This is a modern classic among the newer breed of chocolatiers. Due to popular demand by their loyal customers, Melt have developed the Chilli Cube; a chilli ganache that has been using dried Birds Eye Chillies.

It is a delicious anticipation of heat, that is entombed in single origin Colombian chocolate. Devour any time to excite jaded taste buds.


chilli chocolate melt


chili chocolate cubes



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Lime Pickle from Montezumas

It is not everyday that you come across a combination that works as well as Montezumas Lime Pickle. The Daily Telegraph (which the Queen reads) calls it ‘Genius’

We tend to agree with them. This is an awesome combination of dried mango that has then been dipped in sweet white chocolate. Finally juicy lime and hot chilli are added to ensure that mango will never be the same again!


luxury white chocolate gift


white chocolate gifts online



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James Chocolates Chilli Chocolate Sardines

‘James Chocolates’ was founded by chocolatier, James Hutchins who is based in the South West of England. They source the finest chocolate and other ingredients from around the world and they very much specialise in unique, handmade creations.

These sardine shaped dark chocolate treats have a warming chilli kick.

They now make over 100 different chocolates, which are sold through dozens of outlets across the country, including Harrods, John Lewis, Fortnum & Mason and Harvey Nichols and they have a loyal following from specialist food retailers across the country.

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Boxed Mini Chocolate Slabs – Chilli & Orange

from Hotel Chocolat

The team at Hotel Chocolat have been making chocolate for around 15 years and are passionate about their products. They have a fantastic website with many many products and today we are reviewing some of their chilli chocolate.

These relatively inexpensive chilli chocolates are made with a smooth and relatively profound dark chocolate that is perfectly suited to the natural zest of the essential oil of orange which is all mixed together with the gentle, mouth tingling warmth of chilli.

These items come presented in their own smart gift box.



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