Jose Goldstein XXX Garlic Salsa

This salsa is 100% all natural – it is a totally all fresh salsa that is delicious straight from the jar with a dunked in crisp, or used during preparation of nachos in the kitchen.

The one common theme in all of these salsas are the healthy dose of garlic but, without exception, it’s a smooth garlic taste that’s perfectly balanced with the other flavours and so not totally over powering.

This is one seriously lovely salsa – they have taken garlic, added a large amount of Jalapeno chillies, and mix with tomatoes and other classic salsa ingredients. Flaming fabulous.


garlic salsa chilli


jose goldstein xxx salsa



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Jim Beam Medium Salsa

Jim Beam has brought out this fantastic range of products.

Often when a brand lends its name to a range of products, you can assume it’s just not that great – however that is not the case with Jim Beam.

We are massively impressed with their superior flavour. This salsa comes with a sweetness, sharpness and a mild to medium heat that we feel will be a real crowd pleaser.

The ingredients also include: diced tomato, tomato paste, aged red peppers, vinegar, onion, Jim Beam Bourbon, salt, spices, citric acid


Jim Beam Medium Salsa


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Crazy Jerry’s | Margarita Butt Burner Salsa

Now they do not call him Crazy Jerry for nothing, he is as mad as a box of frogs, but as mad as he sounds he has managed . This is a real treat, a margarita salsa with a proper tequila kick and plenty of fire to boot.

If you’ve been wanting a salsa that’s full of good stuff, then sgive this a try. It’s loaded with fresh vegetables, five different types of peppers and just enough tequila and lime juice to curl your hair. It even has a little pineapple.


crazy jerrys margarite butt burner


butt burner salsa



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