Purple Tiger Chilli Seeds

Chilli Seeds for Sale

The Purple Tiger chilli is one of our favourite types – we grow it every year. The seeds produce a very attractive looking plant which produce chillies that are almost tear drop shaped start green and then they turn purple and red.

This is a capsicum annum variety and is ideal as an ornamental plant, pot plant and thrives in sheltered areas. The foliage is tri coloured – green, purple and white.

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F1 Chilli Seeds

F1 Chilli Varieties

F1 hybrid chilli seeds are varieties that have been commercially produced seeds so that they combine certain traits of two parent plants – such as being resistance to disease or pests or a natural inclination to produce heavy yields.

We have selected for you a range of F1 seeds to choose from:



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Demon Red Chillies – Seeds

This chilli has been bred for growing on a windowsill or in patio containers. This is an exclusive to Thomson and Morgan and the Demon Red produces very attractive, tiny plants that can be used for edible or purely ornamental purposes.

The flowers point upwards on this plant as do the fruits. The begin green and eventually turn bright red. Once this plant starts producing they carry on fruiting throughout the growing season – there can be prolific yields throughout with this plant.

Link to our chilli growing guide:


demon red chillies


demon red chillies



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Bulgarian Carrot Chilli Seeds

Bulgarian Carrot Chilli Seeds

Are they really from Bulgaria and do they look like carrots? Well yes it is and yes it does! This is an heirloom variety from Bulgaria.

The seeds produce stocky chilli plants which deliver great yields of initialy green then eventually bright orange, these small carrot shaped chillies are very big on flavour – hot in spiciness.

They prefer ample moisture, but don’t like being waterlogged.

This chilli is a firm favourite of the team at The English Chilli Company – we recommend that you give it a grow.



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Tropical Heat Chilli Seeds

The Tropical Heat chilli pepper is a tantalising mix of Caribbean Habanero plus Scotch Bonnets. All the fruits are green prior to being ripe and they have a very hot pungency when they mature.

These are best sown in March to early April.

Feed weekly with tomato fertiliser once first fruits have set.


tropical heat seeds


tropical heat chilli seeds



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Heatwave Chilli Seeds

We have much to thank Columbus for who is in some quarters credited with discovering the cayenne pepper. It allows the green fingered among us as well as the culinary to enjoy the pleasure of this wonderful variety that grows red, yellow and orange.

We recommend sowing the seeds early in early spring with a good quality chilli compost barely covering the seeds. Germination usually takes place after 8-14 days at between 24 – 27C

This is our chilli growing guide


heatwave chilli seeds


chilli seeds for sale



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