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The Purple Tiger chilli is one of our favourite types – we grow it every year. The seeds produce a very attractive looking plant which produce chillies that are almost tear drop shaped start green and then they turn purple and red.

This is a capsicum annum variety and is ideal as an ornamental plant, pot plant and thrives in sheltered areas. The foliage is tri coloured – green, purple and white.

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Fatalii Chilli Seeds

Fatalii Chilli Pepper Seeds

This Chilli is no mug and the Fatalii (Capsicum Chinese) packs a punch on the Scoville Heat Rating Scale of between 125,000 – 325,000. This chilli that originates in Central and Southern Africa.

These chillies have a flavour which is fruity and citrusy and it has a searing heat that is comparably hotter to the standard habanero. Fatalii is a distant Habañero relative (a kind of estranged brother) and the fruit matures to bright yellow and is long, wrinkled and tapers to a point – about 2 to 3 inches long.

The plants produce lots of peppers – they start producing early and finish late. The chillies start with a pale green and they mature to a bright yellow (there are red Fataliis around as well, but the yellow one is the “real deal”)



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Black Pearl Chillies – Seeds

This is a unique black leaved chilli plant, which is when young and as it matures it changes to glossy black on maturity under sunny conditions. The plant is bushy with strong branches and they grow 45 cms high with a 30 cms spread. They produce an abundance of hot shiny black fruits, turning dark red.

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black pearl chilli seeds


chilli seeds



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Padron Chilli Pepper Seeds

The Tapas Pepper

Padron peppers are small, strongly flavoured green peppers that are traditionally grown in Padron – a region in North Western Spain.

One you have sown your seeds germination takes around 7 – 10 days or so. The heat level will vary according to the capsaicin within each chilli.

Although not 100% accurate the chillies that are grown towards late August and September tend to contain more capsaicin than the ones grown earlier in the season

Once fully grown you can then serve them fried with olive oil and served with coarse salt. They generally taste sweet and mild, though some are particularly hot and spicy.

We have selected a range of options for you to buy from – all from trusted and established UK retailers.



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F1 Chilli Seeds

F1 Chilli Varieties

F1 hybrid chilli seeds are varieties that have been commercially produced seeds so that they combine certain traits of two parent plants – such as being resistance to disease or pests or a natural inclination to produce heavy yields.

We have selected for you a range of F1 seeds to choose from:



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Demon Red Chillies – Seeds

This chilli has been bred for growing on a windowsill or in patio containers. This is an exclusive to Thomson and Morgan and the Demon Red produces very attractive, tiny plants that can be used for edible or purely ornamental purposes.

The flowers point upwards on this plant as do the fruits. The begin green and eventually turn bright red. Once this plant starts producing they carry on fruiting throughout the growing season – there can be prolific yields throughout with this plant.

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demon red chillies


demon red chillies



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