Dave’s Gourmet Insanity Popcorn

The hottest popcorn in the Universe!

Well just about the whole world and his friend are massive fans of Dave and his whole insanity range. This popcorn is sure to be no exception.

It may just be the hottest popcorn in the universe – we’ve certainly never tried any hotter popcorn, but as usual with Dave it’s not just about heat but flavour as well, which makes it a great snack.


Dave's Gourmet Insanity Popcorn


the hottest popcorn in the world



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Heal’s Mixed Chilli Olives | Tall Kilner Jar

Heals started making beds in 1810 and they’ve been designing and making quality furniture ever since.

Heal’s products have a distinctive character and reputation for innovation. This tradition lives on today.

Heal’s online store www.heals.co.uk sell a wide range of modern, designer and contemporary products.

Here we present for you their tall Kilner Jar which is full of mixed olives which are in extra virgin olive oil with garlic & chillies. This jar comes with a special spoon as well. These are reasonably expensive but would make a nice Christmas gift.


Tabasco Chilli Pepper Jelly

Tabasco Chilli Pepper Jelly



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Dark Chocolate, Ginger and Chilli Biscuits

Dark Chocolate, Ginger & Chilli Biscuits

These buscuits are our personal favourites – they are made with big chunks of dark Belgian chocolate, crystallised stem ginger and warming chilli come together in a perfect batch of comforting and crumbly biscuits.

These are really rich and fragrant on the taste side of things and are solid enough to make damn good dunkers.

These are handmade in small batches in England and are bought to you here by the Jamie Oliver shop.


Dark Chocolate, Ginger and Chilli Biscuits


Dark Chocolate, Ginger and Chilli Biscuits


Dave’s Gourmet Lucky Nuts

Similar to the immortal line that Dirty Harry said ‘Are you feeling lucky today?

These “Lucky Nuts” are delicious spiced peanuts with an interesting twist – every tenth nut is super hot, and they all look alike!

Eating these nuts are like playing Russian Roulette in Las Vegas in a can – part entertainment and part delicious.

Do you feel lucky?

Well do ya?


chilli nuts


daves gourmet lucky nuts



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Pain is Good Batch #114 Jerk Microwave Popcorn

This is a new one on us! This is not just a pretty face and not just another jerk popcorn. This is a spicy popcorn, which you can make fresh from the microwave and has now got to be one of our top snacks and the Jerk flavour is one of our newest favourites.

You’re going to scream with delight, bite after bite. Make sure you have your favourite drink in hand just in case the pain is too good! You get plenty of heat with this and also the delicious all spice and thyme jerk flavours that make this popcorn so wonderfully moorish


pain is good popcorn


Pain is Good Batch #114 Jerk Microwave Popcorn



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Chilli Olives (Jamie Oliver)

Olives with a dash of Chilli

James Oliver is a well known British chef, nicknamed The Naked Chef.

He has his own range of food and here we present to you these olives. They are from South Italy – Siciliy – and have some unique flavours – hot chili, garlic, black pepper and premium quality extra virgin olive oil.

When you have finished these olives you can still use the beautiful jar for storing spices.





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