Chilli Olives (Jamie Oliver)

Olives with a dash of Chilli

James Oliver is a well known British chef, nicknamed The Naked Chef.

He has his own range of food and here we present to you these olives. They are from South Italy – Siciliy – and have some unique flavours – hot chili, garlic, black pepper and premium quality extra virgin olive oil.

When you have finished these olives you can still use the beautiful jar for storing spices.





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Dave’s Gourmet Insanity Popcorn

The hottest popcorn in the Universe!

Well just about the whole world and his friend are massive fans of Dave and his whole insanity range. This popcorn is sure to be no exception.

It may just be the hottest popcorn in the universe – we’ve certainly never tried any hotter popcorn, but as usual with Dave it’s not just about heat but flavour as well, which makes it a great snack.


Dave's Gourmet Insanity Popcorn


the hottest popcorn in the world



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Pain is Good Batch #114 Jerk Microwave Popcorn

This is a new one on us! This is not just a pretty face and not just another jerk popcorn. This is a spicy popcorn, which you can make fresh from the microwave and has now got to be one of our top snacks and the Jerk flavour is one of our newest favourites.

You’re going to scream with delight, bite after bite. Make sure you have your favourite drink in hand just in case the pain is too good! You get plenty of heat with this and also the delicious all spice and thyme jerk flavours that make this popcorn so wonderfully moorish


pain is good popcorn


Pain is Good Batch #114 Jerk Microwave Popcorn



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Dave’s Gourmet Smokin’ BBQ’d Nuts

As you know, we’re mad about Dave’s products and these nuts are no exception. Apparently “everyone is grabbing Dave’s Nuts” Poor old Dave, that is what we say.

These are one smoky, spicy and delicious snack. The piquin chillies and other spices will make your taste-buds jump for joy.

These smoking’ BBQ nuts are the perfect blend of heat and smoky barbecue flavour. A truly fantastic snack.


daves smokin nuts


Dave's Gourmet Smokin' BBQ'd Nuts



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Chilli Cheddar Cheese – Red Devil

Red Devil Chilli Cheddar Cheese

The fine people at Pong Cheese have released this classic extra mature chilli cheddar cheese.

It is made by the Snowdonia Cheese company in, er, um Snowdonia and for us chilli lovers has the very hot addition of chilli.

They give us a very serious warning – they say ‘this is hot!’.

Is it hot enough? – that is what we say!

Apparently we have been warned….

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Fire Dusted Peanut Butter from CaJohn’s

If there is one thing that the chaps here at the English Chilli Company love with a similar passion to chillies it is their peanut butter. However the English Peanut Butter Company didn’t have quiet the same zing to it.

So when we happened across this CaJohns it combined a few of our favourite things – CaJohns the awesome American chilli brand, chillies and peanut butter.

Believe it or not the two go together so well. This is all natural and full of protein.

Ingredients: peanuts, peanut oil, black pepper, garlic, chile caribe, habanero chilli peppers and a select blend of dehydrated vegetables


hottest salsa collection


ass kickin salsa collection



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