Chilli Plants For Sale – Mixed Selection

This selection of chilli plants are ideal for people who love hot and spicy chillies.

It combines five unique and famous chilli pepper varieties. When ordered you will receive a selection of chilli plants by post. The will arrive as strong seedlings, in safe and secure packaging.

Once grown and fruiting you can add them to salads, salsas and cooked dishes or you can even dry them or pickle them

This collection comprises 5 varieties (1 of each):

– Bulgarian Carrot – Ripening green to vibrant orange.
– Jalapeño – A heavy fruiting plant with a mild flavour.
– Orange Cayenne – Glossy orange.
– Big Sun – Green to bright yellow.
– Joe’s Long – Medium red chillies up to 30cms or so long.


chilli plants for sale


mixed selection of chilli plants



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Bulgarian Carrot Chilli Seeds

Bulgarian Carrot Chilli Seeds

Are they really from Bulgaria and do they look like carrots? Well yes it is and yes it does! This is an heirloom variety from Bulgaria.

The seeds produce stocky chilli plants which deliver great yields of initialy green then eventually bright orange, these small carrot shaped chillies are very big on flavour – hot in spiciness.

They prefer ample moisture, but don’t like being waterlogged.

This chilli is a firm favourite of the team at The English Chilli Company – we recommend that you give it a grow.



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