Chocolate Habanero Chilli Seeds

Chocolate Habanero Chilli Seeds

This is a wonderful scotch bonnet / habanero variety that originates from Jamaica.

This is very similar in appearance to other Habanero chillies but comes in a beautiful chocolate brown colour. These fruits are extremely hot and can be up to 600,000 scoville units.

The bushes grow large with strong woody stems, with green leaves and yellow coloured flowers.

These can be sometimes difficult to germinate, but well worth the effort. Very often they will not fruit in year 1 in the UK and if wintered well will fruit in year 2.

Plant produces heavy yields of 40mm long by 35mm wide wrinkled hot peppers. Peppers are extremely hot and turn from green to chocolate brown when mature.

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Fire Dusted Peanut Butter from CaJohn’s

If there is one thing that the chaps here at the English Chilli Company love with a similar passion to chillies it is their peanut butter. However the English Peanut Butter Company didn’t have quiet the same zing to it.

So when we happened across this CaJohns it combined a few of our favourite things – CaJohns the awesome American chilli brand, chillies and peanut butter.

Believe it or not the two go together so well. This is all natural and full of protein.

Ingredients: peanuts, peanut oil, black pepper, garlic, chile caribe, habanero chilli peppers and a select blend of dehydrated vegetables


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Crazy Jerry’s | Margarita Butt Burner Salsa

Now they do not call him Crazy Jerry for nothing, he is as mad as a box of frogs, but as mad as he sounds he has managed . This is a real treat, a margarita salsa with a proper tequila kick and plenty of fire to boot.

If you’ve been wanting a salsa that’s full of good stuff, then sgive this a try. It’s loaded with fresh vegetables, five different types of peppers and just enough tequila and lime juice to curl your hair. It even has a little pineapple.


crazy jerrys margarite butt burner


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