Jose Goldstein XXX Garlic Salsa

This salsa is 100% all natural – it is a totally all fresh salsa that is delicious straight from the jar with a dunked in crisp, or used during preparation of nachos in the kitchen.

The one common theme in all of these salsas are the healthy dose of garlic but, without exception, it’s a smooth garlic taste that’s perfectly balanced with the other flavours and so not totally over powering.

This is one seriously lovely salsa – they have taken garlic, added a large amount of Jalapeno chillies, and mix with tomatoes and other classic salsa ingredients. Flaming fabulous.


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jose goldstein xxx salsa



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Chilli Plant Competition – Around The World

chilli plant prize

The team at Suttons have just launched their great new Chilli Plant Collection called “Around the World”. To celebrate, the generous team at Suttons have given The English Chilli Company ten free sets of this fantastic chilli pepper collection to give away.

The collection includes:

  • the Jalapeno that can be used in a lot of Mexican dishes
  • Worldbeater is perfect for recipes all over the world
  • Fenix is a brilliant sweet Italian variety
  • Fatalii has a really vibrant orange colour and is fantastic for all sorts of Spanish cooking and finally
  • Red Demon is a favourite in the Caribbean especially with Jerk cooking!
  • Each pack contains five plants, one of each variety and is available to entrants from the UK only.

    The Question:

    The Bhut Jolokia is the hottest chilli in the World and measures over 1,000,000 on the SHU scale. What does SHU stand for?

    Answer: Scoville Heat Unit




    Please note that we will need the name, address, email & phone number for each winner so that you will claim your prize. The competition will close on the 16 April 10. Ten names will be drawn at random. Winners will be notified via e-mail and have one week to claim their prize.

    Suttons are one of the UK’s largest retailers selling chilli seeds, chilli plants and the Worlds hottest chilli – The Bhut Jolokia


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    Chilli Plants For Sale – Jalapeno

    If you are looking for chilli plants by post – you have come to the right place! If you order these you will get three Jalapeno chilli plant seedlings in the post.

    The Jalapeño is a medium to large sized chilli pepper which has an awesome burning sensation when eaten. It is a cultivar of the species capsicum annum originating in Mexico. The growing period for a Jalapeño plant is 70–80 days. Some mature plants can stand two and a half to three feet tall.

    On average a single plant will produce twenty five to thirty five chillies. During a growing season you should be able to pick a plant multiple times. As the growing season comes to an end the jalapeños will start to turn red.

    Once picked, individual peppers ripen to red of their own accord. The peppers can be eaten green or red.


    hottest salsa collection


    ass kickin salsa collection



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    Jalapeno Chilli Seeds

    Jalapeno Seeds

    Jalapenos are the chilli that are used for pizza toppings the world over.

    It is famous for its unique scarred skin which is a good sign of quality Mexican Jalapenos.

    Jalapeno seeds germinate in between 12 to 21 days depending on the soil and temperature. The growing period for a jalapeno plant is about 70 – 80 days or so. When the plant matures, it stands two and a half to three feet tall. Usually a single plant will produce around twenty five to thirty five pods.

    During the growing period, a plant can be picked multiple times, with more being produced. Traditionally the fruits are picked green, but they can be left to ripen red.

    The jalapeno has a scoville heat rating of between 2,500 and 10,000 units.

    We have selected a variety of products for your consideration – all from large trusted UK retailers – buy with confidence.



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    Spicy Mustard | Chilli Fiesta

    A subtle taste of lovely chipotle peppers combined with genuine dijon mustard and with just a hint of glorious fresh garlic. This mustard will enhance any meat, sandwich or dip.

    We simply love a hot mustard and this is a truly wonderful one from the team at Fiesta. You get the double whammy of tangy, nose tingling mustard together with medium heat level chipotle, it’s smokiness adding real depth and richness.


    jalapeno mustard


    fiesta chilli mustard



    Chilli Gifts

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    Chilli Plants For Sale – Mixed Selection

    This selection of chilli plants are ideal for people who love hot and spicy chillies.

    It combines five unique and famous chilli pepper varieties. When ordered you will receive a selection of chilli plants by post. The will arrive as strong seedlings, in safe and secure packaging.

    Once grown and fruiting you can add them to salads, salsas and cooked dishes or you can even dry them or pickle them

    This collection comprises 5 varieties (1 of each):

    – Bulgarian Carrot – Ripening green to vibrant orange.
    – Jalapeño – A heavy fruiting plant with a mild flavour.
    – Orange Cayenne – Glossy orange.
    – Big Sun – Green to bright yellow.
    – Joe’s Long – Medium red chillies up to 30cms or so long.


    chilli plants for sale


    mixed selection of chilli plants



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