Purple Tiger Chilli Seeds

Chilli Seeds for Sale

The Purple Tiger chilli is one of our favourite types – we grow it every year. The seeds produce a very attractive looking plant which produce chillies that are almost tear drop shaped start green and then they turn purple and red.

This is a capsicum annum variety and is ideal as an ornamental plant, pot plant and thrives in sheltered areas. The foliage is tri coloured – green, purple and white.

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Chilli Seed Planter

Grow Your Own Chilli

Whether this is a treat for yourself or a gift for someone special the presentation of this chilli planter means that you will be able to enjoy the positive vibrations that you get from growing your very own chillies.

Each gift box contains a pot, the compost you need, instructions as well as one packet of chilli seeds.

The chilli variety is called ‘Purple Tiger’ which is an amazingly beautiful small purple chilli plant. It has variegated leaves and produces small tear drop shaped fruit turning green then a purple and red ish colour when ripe

This is ideal for pots or growing in the house.

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