Chilli Focus

Make your chillies go with a bang! A precise formulation for optimal performance of chillies in pots, growbags or open ground. 5ml per litre for young plants; 10ml per litre for flowering plants.

Mix up the Chilli Focus at the rates recommended on the label. Plants can be fed from the seedling stage onwards.

The recommendation is to feed weekly but this can be increased as needed. As long as foliage is dark green then feeding is adequate but if it becomes pale then feeding can be increased. Increase frequency of feeding rather than feed strength. Plants can be fed up to three or four times per week without problems.

Chillies and peppers have specific nutritional requirements and, although it is true that they can perform reasonably well with general purpose “feeds”, the best results will be achieved by using a formulation designed specifically for them.

Chilli Focus is based on commercial chilli nutrients, as manufactured by our company for over twenty years. Originally our formulations were based on academic work, but have been fine-tuned over the years by the experience of our commercial customers.

Chilli Focus is manufactured from the purest and most soluble mineral salts. It is fortified and enhanced with a complex profile of organic plant acids. It is precisely formulated for the needs of chillies and peppers – contains no urea.

Chilli Focus is an ideal feeding programme for chillies. It can help produce healthier more vigorous plants and colourful, juicier fruits.

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Chilli Growing Kit

from the Chilli Experts at the South Devon Chilli Farm

This is the perfect chilli growing kit – all you need to grow at least 20 sturdy chilli plant seedlings in separate compost cells ready for potting-on.

Each well presented gift box comes with:

– three best selling packets of chilli seeds (20 seeds per pack)
– full instructions
– a reusable propagator (to keep the compost warm which encourage rapid germination and seedling development)
– ‘Chilli Focus’ liquid plant food (a precise formulation for the optimal performance of chillies in pots)
– 20 compost plugs – just soak in water – low stress for seedlings when potting-on
– 10 plants labels + 2B pencil


Chilli Growing Kit


chilli growing kit inc chilli focus



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Chilli Plants Grow It

This seed pods range is easy and very simple to use. You will be delighted with the results. If you have the ability to kill every living plant just by looking at it, you will still be able to produce a crop of chillies to use in your cooking!

This is fantastic gift and an excellent price – brilliant stocking filler.

The set comes with:

– Packet of chilli seeds
– Drainage gravel
– Growing medium
– Instructions


grow it chilli plant


chili growing kit



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Grow It Chilli Plant Gift Set

Ready made chili grow kits – the perfect Chilli-Head present

We have selected some classic ready made grow kits here. These are the cheapest we could find on the internet – however not only are they cheap but they also represent good value.

Whether you want to give someone a gift to grow five different types of chilli, try what Jamie loves or grow chillies that well, um, look a tad rude, the choice is yours.

These will make easy Christmas presents if you have a friend who loves spicy food!


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The Plant Propagator’s Bible – Miranda Smith

How To Get The Most From Propogators

For most gardeners creating new plants is a truly rewarding experience. But for some of us, the concept of propagating plants seems like a task that only the most experienced gardeners can undertake.

In her helpful book – “The Plant Propagator’s Bible” – Miranda Smith removes some of the mystery and makes multiplying plants seem really easy – even for the novice. The book draws upon her many years experience as a horticulture teacher, and she simply and clearly explains the process and conditions in which plants grow and reproduce, and shows us how to use these systems to propagate any plant that grows.

It is so simple and can be done in the garden or greenhouse – or even on your windowsill.

There is a helpful “What Can Go Wrong” advice section for each type of plant, explaining potential pitfalls with suggestions on how to prevent or fix them.

It features detailed, step-by-step illustrations and annotated photographs. Including information on essential tools and equipment, this is an invaluable addition to every gardener’s bookshelf.





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Propagators For Sale (Non-Electric) – Large Range of Propergators

When you grow your own chillies, you want to give your seeds the best possible start in life – we always use a propagator to help start of ours seeds germinate. It is the perfect way to give your seeds a head start and propergators can help make up for the poor Summers and occasional lack of decent sunlight we can have here in the UK.

Our plants always grow stronger and better as a result of starting them with a propagator.

We have selected the following items from various UK retailers – here we have selected cheaper non electric systems to help you get the best results.

Our selection of electric propagators is here

If you need any help or advice on plant / seed propogation then we strongly recommend The Plant Propagator’s Bible by Miranda Smith.



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