The Complete Chilli Pepper Book

A Gardener’s Guide to Choosing, Growing, Preserving, and Cooking

In this exceptionally comprehensive book, two of the world’s foremost chilli specialists Dave DeWitt and Paul W.Bosland have assembled all the information that anyone with an interest in chillies could ever hope to find. The two authors are based in the USA which is apparent in their writing style.

The book includes the following sections:

History – very interesting and well laid out summary of where chillies come from.


Top 100 (or so!) Chilli Peppers – some witty overviews of a wide selection of chillies, from the much talked about Bhut Jolokia to the tiny Piquin.


How to Cultivate – this is where we feel the book really comes into its own – there is no other book on the market which really has as much detail or information on how to grow chillies. You can sense that the two authors really know their stuff and are able to impart valuable information and got into some detail about each section.


Processing and Preservation – there is alot of detail that looks at how to freeze chillies, best ideas for pickling, drying, smoking and some more creative ideas for how to preserve them as well.


Cooking with Chilli Peppers – a 100 or so pages made up of cooking suggestions and tips, from drinks to snacks to main dishes to deserts – there are an abundance of ideas on how to cook with chillies.


This has the feel of a quality book – it is well bound with a hard back cover, the paper quality is high and the photography really shows of the images to their best degree.

If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves chilli, then you cannot go far wrong with this book.

This book is available to order from Amazon now


The Complete Chilli Pepper Book

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Nordic Chilli Burn

Nordic Chilli Burn Review

These tablets are a health supplement which help with weight management. These are not as strong as some of the weight loss alternatives available on the market. They contain all natural ingredients, such as green tea, chilli, ginger and dill. All of these ingredients have been used for centuries for a healthy body balance

These work by increasing the bodies metabolism – they helps to increase the rate at which your body energy is burnt which then leads to weigth loss. As your body burns more calories, you slowly, but surely, lose weight by burning stored fat.

Chili Burn ingredients benefits:

  • Green tea leaves: increases calorie expenditure and fat burning
  • Chilli-Capsicum fruit : Aid weight loss by increasing metabolism and heat production
  • Dill seed extract: Reduces Cellulite (shown in animal studies), calms the digestion and works as a diuretic (necessary for eliminating metabolites)
  • Ginger Root extract: Increases bile flow, necessary to eliminate cholesterol and toxins. Anti-inflammatory action, which counteracts intestinal inflammation.
  • Peppermint oil: Helps detox, reduces painful colon spasms and stimulates choleric activity
  • In a recent study in the medical journal Obesity, the ingredients in Chili Burn were medicaly proven to burn fat over a 8 weeks period.

    The directions say to take 2 tablets, twice daily, preferably with meals, for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, take one tablet twice daily.


    chilli burn


    chilli burn slimming idea



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    Heal’s Mixed Chilli Olives | Tall Kilner Jar

    Heals started making beds in 1810 and they’ve been designing and making quality furniture ever since.

    Heal’s products have a distinctive character and reputation for innovation. This tradition lives on today.

    Heal’s online store sell a wide range of modern, designer and contemporary products.

    Here we present for you their tall Kilner Jar which is full of mixed olives which are in extra virgin olive oil with garlic & chillies. This jar comes with a special spoon as well. These are reasonably expensive but would make a nice Christmas gift.


    Tabasco Chilli Pepper Jelly

    Tabasco Chilli Pepper Jelly



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    Organic Chilli and Lime Bar

    This limited edition bar of chocolate was made by the team at Montezums for a famous chilli festival in the beautiful South Downs.

    They have been persuaded by a hard core of loyal customers to make this a permanent resident in the range.

    Until you taste it words will not do justice to how well this unlikely combination works.


    organic chilli chocolate


    chilli and lime chocolate



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    Chilli Hot Chocolate

    Chilli Hot Chocolate

    The chocolate specialists at Hotel Chocolat have come up with something truly special for your consideration, chilli fans.

    This is a two pack of luxurious, authentic drinking chocolate full of deep, rich cocoa flavours.

    The two varieties are Classic and Aztec Chilli.

    These items are beautifully presented making it the ideal gift – to yourself or someone special



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    Chilli and Ginger Dainty Dollops

    Dark Chocolate with Chilli & Ginger

    The team at Montezuma’s have a fantastic team that work hard to make their brand one of the UK’s leading quality chocolate makers. Rick Stein is quoted as saying about that “food obsession at its best”.

    These fantastic chocolate treats are the result of a limited edition product they trialled at a food festival last summer.

    They were a massive success and these are now one of the mainstays of their collection.

    These are inexpensive and are an ideal Christmas or Birthday present, that any chilli head would love to receive.


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