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From the very beginning, over 15 years ago, founders Angus Thirlwell and Peter Harris had one goal in mind – to make a better type of chocolate available to UK consumers bored by the mediocrity of that available in supermarkets and on the high street.

So, starting as a catalogue-based business, that’s exactly what we did – making our brand of exclusive chocolates available to UK consumers for the first time. An award-winning website soon followed and in 2004 the first of many Hotel Chocolat stores appeared on the high street.

And by forging close ties with like-minded partner chocolatiers across Europe, our Tasting Club has attracted well over 100,000 regular members, who enjoy a brand new selection of exciting, artisan chocolates every month.

Hotel Chocolat continues to be a British-owned phenomenon brazenly committed to real, authentic chocolate. And we’re as passionately devoted to re-establishing the reputation of British chocolate as ever.

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Chilli Ristra

These beautiful strings of Spanish chillies are around thirty inches long and are made with around two hundred or so chillies – each one around the four or five inch mark.

These ristras are pretty impressive to look at and each one weighs a kilo.

They will look fantastic hanging in your kitchen, and will last for years if they are kept dry.

In terms of hotness these chillies are a medium-heat.


Chilli Ristra


Chilli Garland



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Nordic Chilli Burn

Nordic Chilli Burn Review

These tablets are a health supplement which help with weight management. These are not as strong as some of the weight loss alternatives available on the market. They contain all natural ingredients, such as green tea, chilli, ginger and dill. All of these ingredients have been used for centuries for a healthy body balance

These work by increasing the bodies metabolism – they helps to increase the rate at which your body energy is burnt which then leads to weigth loss. As your body burns more calories, you slowly, but surely, lose weight by burning stored fat.

Chili Burn ingredients benefits:

  • Green tea leaves: increases calorie expenditure and fat burning
  • Chilli-Capsicum fruit : Aid weight loss by increasing metabolism and heat production
  • Dill seed extract: Reduces Cellulite (shown in animal studies), calms the digestion and works as a diuretic (necessary for eliminating metabolites)
  • Ginger Root extract: Increases bile flow, necessary to eliminate cholesterol and toxins. Anti-inflammatory action, which counteracts intestinal inflammation.
  • Peppermint oil: Helps detox, reduces painful colon spasms and stimulates choleric activity
  • In a recent study in the medical journal Obesity, the ingredients in Chili Burn were medicaly proven to burn fat over a 8 weeks period.

    The directions say to take 2 tablets, twice daily, preferably with meals, for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, take one tablet twice daily.


    chilli burn


    chilli burn slimming idea



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    Very Dark Chocolate blended with Chilli

    This wonderful organic dark chocolate has been blended with chilli.

    This is one of Montezumas five original bars, that they started out with back in the day and it is still one of the most popular.

    They grind the organic chilli down to a fine powder which enables the dark chocolate hit to come first followed a few moments later by that chilli zap!


    dark chilli chocolate


    chilli gift chocolate



    Chilli Seed Planter

    Grow Your Own Chilli

    Whether this is a treat for yourself or a gift for someone special the presentation of this chilli planter means that you will be able to enjoy the positive vibrations that you get from growing your very own chillies.

    Each gift box contains a pot, the compost you need, instructions as well as one packet of chilli seeds.

    The chilli variety is called ‘Purple Tiger’ which is an amazingly beautiful small purple chilli plant. It has variegated leaves and produces small tear drop shaped fruit turning green then a purple and red ish colour when ripe

    This is ideal for pots or growing in the house.

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    Montezuma’s Revenge Truffle

    Chocolate Truffles

    The cheekily named Montezuma’s Revenge chili chocolate truffles have received a great deal of praise from food critics for its amazing flavour combination.

    They have managed to combine rich dark chocolate blended together with lime, chilli and real Mexican tequila. This combination produces a taste that stimulates your taste buds on all different levels.

    These are exception quality truffles that are sure to please.


    chocolate gift with chilli


    Chili Chocolate Truffles



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