Chilli Seed Planter

Grow Your Own Chilli

Whether this is a treat for yourself or a gift for someone special the presentation of this chilli planter means that you will be able to enjoy the positive vibrations that you get from growing your very own chillies.

Each gift box contains a pot, the compost you need, instructions as well as one packet of chilli seeds.

The chilli variety is called ‘Purple Tiger’ which is an amazingly beautiful small purple chilli plant. It has variegated leaves and produces small tear drop shaped fruit turning green then a purple and red ish colour when ripe

This is ideal for pots or growing in the house.

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Chilli Plants Grow It

This seed pods range is easy and very simple to use. You will be delighted with the results. If you have the ability to kill every living plant just by looking at it, you will still be able to produce a crop of chillies to use in your cooking!

This is fantastic gift and an excellent price – brilliant stocking filler.

The set comes with:

– Packet of chilli seeds
– Drainage gravel
– Growing medium
– Instructions


grow it chilli plant


chili growing kit



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Grow It Chilli Plant Gift Set

Ready made chili grow kits – the perfect Chilli-Head present

We have selected some classic ready made grow kits here. These are the cheapest we could find on the internet – however not only are they cheap but they also represent good value.

Whether you want to give someone a gift to grow five different types of chilli, try what Jamie loves or grow chillies that well, um, look a tad rude, the choice is yours.

These will make easy Christmas presents if you have a friend who loves spicy food!


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