The Complete Chilli Pepper Book

A Gardener’s Guide to Choosing, Growing, Preserving, and Cooking

In this exceptionally comprehensive book, two of the world’s foremost chilli specialists Dave DeWitt and Paul W.Bosland have assembled all the information that anyone with an interest in chillies could ever hope to find. The two authors are based in the USA which is apparent in their writing style.

The book includes the following sections:

History – very interesting and well laid out summary of where chillies come from.


Top 100 (or so!) Chilli Peppers – some witty overviews of a wide selection of chillies, from the much talked about Bhut Jolokia to the tiny Piquin.


How to Cultivate – this is where we feel the book really comes into its own – there is no other book on the market which really has as much detail or information on how to grow chillies. You can sense that the two authors really know their stuff and are able to impart valuable information and got into some detail about each section.


Processing and Preservation – there is alot of detail that looks at how to freeze chillies, best ideas for pickling, drying, smoking and some more creative ideas for how to preserve them as well.


Cooking with Chilli Peppers – a 100 or so pages made up of cooking suggestions and tips, from drinks to snacks to main dishes to deserts – there are an abundance of ideas on how to cook with chillies.


This has the feel of a quality book – it is well bound with a hard back cover, the paper quality is high and the photography really shows of the images to their best degree.

If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves chilli, then you cannot go far wrong with this book.

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The Complete Chilli Pepper Book

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