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How Do I Make Chilli Oil?

how to make chilli oil

The good news is that chilli oil is extremely simple to make.

The suggested ingredi­ents that you can use are:


– 1 Bottle Olive Oil 250ml
– Finely Chopped Fresh Chil­lies
– 1 – 2 teaspoons of ground paprika


First things first we suggest that you finely chop up the chillies. You can use the chillies you prefer, Bhut Jolokia, Birds Eye or whatever. You can also use as many as you like – the more you use the hotter it is (obvious huh?)

Add the chopped chillies to the oil and warm the oil gently. This must be done very very gently to cook the chil­lies (for around 15 minutes) with a tem­per­at­ure of around 85°C for 5 minutes to kill off any bac­teria on the chil­lies.

Then if you want to add a bit of col­our to your oil, you can add the Paprika and leave to cool, cover and let the mix­ture stand for 12 – 24 hours.

Using a funnel your can get the oil back into your bottle and hey presto, you have yourself some chilli oil!

Enjoy! :)