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Chillies around the World

How Chillies Circumnavigated The Globe

The chilli was very quickly adopted around the world in a period of approximately fifty years or so. This was in a time when transport was primarily horse drawn and wind powered.

It is as though the World was waiting for the chilli to arrive and it has not looked back since, the growth in its popularity continues to grow every year.


Spain, Portugal and South America

Regardless of the Spanish early claim to the chilli, the Portuguese appear to be the first significant traders to have spread them globally. Portugal’s maritime power set a course for the chilli to leave the confines of South America.

Around 1494 the globe was pretty much split between Spain and Portugal, and the Portuguese were keen to maximise the potential of their half. By the 1500’s they were regularly exporting chillies from Brazil.


Portugal, Africa and India

Portuguese traders stopped in various African ports on their way to India.

Some Africans were already liked Guinea Peppers which have a taste not dissimilar to Gingery & Pepper. This allowed them to get on very well with the chilli and add it to their cuisine with ease.

In only a few short years, chillies had travelled as far east as Mozambique.

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