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Coping With The Burn Of Chillies

How to keep the burn down after you have eaten chilli

mouth on fire

One important thing to remember is that the burning sensation will fade away on its own over time. Drinking water dues not reduce the pain and actually tends to just spread the heat throughout your mouth.

Here are some things to think about trying:

Drinking Milk

The sciencey people tell us that there’s a protein found in milk called casein that acts like a detergent against capsaicin. It will pull the capsaicin ‘heat agents’ away from the nerve receptor in your mouth. The colder the milk is, the more effective it tends to be against the burning sensation.

Other Dairy Products

If you don’t have any milk in the fridge, you can try coating inside of your mouth to soothe it with cottage cheese, cold plain yoghurt, sour cream or ice cream which should also contain the milk protein called casein.

Drinking Sugary Water

You can also try mixing a tablespoon or more of sugar with a cup water and use it to rinse out your mouth. The relief only lasts while the mixture is still in your mouth so you’ll need to keep rinsing and spitting until the pain subsides.

milk reduces chilli burn

Drinking Alcohol

Capsaicin is soluble in alcohol, so drinking a beer or a shot can help wash it away. It’s not nearly as effective, however, as milk. Alcohol is a solvent to capsaicin, not a neutralizer, so it will break it loose a bit – but it may just spread it around as well :(

Rinse Your Mouth With Oil

Capsaicin is also soluble in vegetable oils so swishing some around in your mouth might help. Keep in mind that oil has been found to be only slightly more effective than water in relieving pepper burns, so use it only if nothing else is available.