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How Do You Over-Winter Chilli Plants?

over winter chilli plants

If you want to over winter your chilli plants then the first job is to remove all of the remaining fruit from the plants (our chillies never hang around too long on the plants :)!)

Next to get the chilli plants to survive over the Winter months we cut them back severely (this seems a bit harsh!) so that the plants won’t waste any energy what so ever, in the Winter trying to keep their foliage alive

Generally we cut the stem back so that only about 10 to 15 cms remain above the root ball. This will increase your chances of getting the plants through the Winter.

In addition to trimming back the stem you can also gently knock some of the old compost out of the root ball and in some cases cut back the root ball ever so slightly.

Next we put the plant back into the pot with some fresh compost (this will help the plants early season growth next Spring).

Finally we move the plants indoors and place them near a south facing windowsill to maximise the amount of light they get and ensure they receive as much heat as possible throughout the winter.

The plants wont need a lot amount of water over the winter so just make sure they don’t dry out, watering maybe just once a week.