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How To Dry Chillies?

If you want to find out how to dry the chilli peppers for future use, then we have four ways to do it – drying is much easier and simpler than canning and less time consuming than freezing.

Generally speaking there are three methods of drying chillies and each work well.

Sun drying is probably the oldest form of drying peppers, choose when you know it will be hot and sunny for several days, start early in the morning so you will have the maximum amount of sunlight for the first day.

Slice the peppers in half. Place each half of the pepper, cut side down onto a sheet and lay out in the sun. Allow your peppers to dry for eight hours, turn the peppers to where the cut side is facing up. Come evening, cover the sheet to protect the peppers from bugs. Repeat the process next morning. The dried chilli peppers will be ready when they are close to brittle, breaking easily between your fingers.

The second method of drying peppers is using an oven which should be around 150 – 200 degrees.

Prepare the chili peppers the same way as if you were drying outside or alternatively you can cut them into thin rings. Spread the chili peppers evenly over baking pans or cookie sheets. Allow the chili peppers to dry all day or overnight in the warm oven.

Another old-fashioned method is to hang the peppers to dry. If you have a screened in porch or other area where there is plenty of airflow, this method works well. You will need a large eyed needle, and either heavy thread or fishing line. Begin by threading your needle with a long length of thread or fishing line. At the other end, tie a small wooden dowel or stick to keep the bottom pepper from falling off. Thread the line through the center of each pepper, stacking one on top of the other in a rotating manner. When the line is full, hang in a well ventilated area and allow nature to take its course. This method may take three weeks to a month for the peppers to dry completely – the peppers will looks awesome this way – this is a real favourite of ours.