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When Should I Sow Chilli Seeds?

Depending on where you are in the World, the timing will change, generally speaking we sow our seeds in February (we are in the UK) – this is around the end of Winter, just as we are turning into Spring.

This means it’s time to put our propagators on and get the first batch of chilli seeds sown. It’s not worth hanging around.

The first task us to mix the seed compost with a handful of fine vermiculite which will help the drainage. The propagators should be already switched on and temperature checked. We suggest a temperature between 75 – 89 degrees F or 24-32 degrees C. to germinate.

We usually start seeds off on a table next a large window to get extra sunlight, at night the temperature can drop – so we make sure the heating is on to give the seeds the best possible start.

Follow these steps and it means that you will have established plants ready to kick on and grow and fruit come the Summer months..