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Chilli Plants For Sale – Jalapeno

If you are looking for chilli plants by post – you have come to the right place! If you order these you will get three Jalapeno chilli plant seedlings in the post.

The Jalapeño is a medium to large sized chilli pepper which has an awesome burning sensation when eaten. It is a cultivar of the species capsicum annum originating in Mexico. The growing period for a Jalapeño plant is 70–80 days. Some mature plants can stand two and a half to three feet tall.

On average a single plant will produce twenty five to thirty five chillies. During a growing season you should be able to pick a plant multiple times. As the growing season comes to an end the jalapeños will start to turn red.

Once picked, individual peppers ripen to red of their own accord. The peppers can be eaten green or red.


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