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Propagators For Sale (Electric) – Large Range of Propergators

We know how important it is to make the most of your seeds, we always use a propagator to help start of ours seeds germinate. It is the perfect way to give your seeds a head start and propergators can (almost) make up for the poor Summers and occasional lack of decent sunlight we can have here in the UK.

Our plants always grow stronger and better as a result of starting them with a propagator. We have selected the following items from various UK retailers – this is our first selection and we have focussed purely on heated or electric propogators.

The more expensive options here would be good if you are producing large quantities of chilli seedlings on a semi professional / industrial basis

We have a cheaper range of non-electric propagators here

If you need any help or advice on plant / seed propogation then we strongly recommend The Plant Propagator’s Bible by Miranda Smith.



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