Montezuma’s Revenge Truffle

Chocolate Truffles

The cheekily named Montezuma’s Revenge chili chocolate truffles have received a great deal of praise from food critics for its amazing flavour combination.

They have managed to combine rich dark chocolate blended together with lime, chilli and real Mexican tequila. This combination produces a taste that stimulates your taste buds on all different levels.

These are exception quality truffles that are sure to please.


chocolate gift with chilli


Chili Chocolate Truffles



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Melt Dark Chocolate with Chilli

Melt are a London based Chocolatier. They have a store in Notting Hill and all their chocolates are hand made on their premises.

Here we present to you this wonderful chilli bar. It is handmade with smooth, dark chocolate. It is seasoned with just enough chilli to give an exciting tingle in the mouth.

Melt products are exceptionally well presented and are of the highest calibre.



Melt Chilli Chocolate


Dark Chilli Chocolate from Melt


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Chilli, Cinnamon and Chocolate

This inexpensive, but delightful bar of chocolate is made in Switzerland. It is organic and fair-trade, 71% dark chocolate and has the superb combination of Cinnamon and Chilli

This is a deliciously decadent organic dark chocolate bar.


Chilli, Cinamon and Chocolate


Chilli Chocolate



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Peperoncino Chilli Chocolate Bar

Peperoncino, Chilli Chocolate Bar

This chocolate has 75% high quality cocoa content which makes for a delicious dark chocolate bar. It has the wonderful addition of chilli which adds a nice burn after the initial chocolate flourish. This combination works really well together and originates from the time of the Aztecs who were using chilli with their chocolate concoctions long long before the Europeans had even heard of cocoa.

This is brought to you by the fine people at Chocolate Trading Company and is produced by Venchi.





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Organic Chilli and Lime Bar

This limited edition bar of chocolate was made by the team at Montezums for a famous chilli festival in the beautiful South Downs.

They have been persuaded by a hard core of loyal customers to make this a permanent resident in the range.

Until you taste it words will not do justice to how well this unlikely combination works.


organic chilli chocolate


chilli and lime chocolate



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Chilli Hot Chocolate

Chilli Hot Chocolate

The chocolate specialists at Hotel Chocolat have come up with something truly special for your consideration, chilli fans.

This is a two pack of luxurious, authentic drinking chocolate full of deep, rich cocoa flavours.

The two varieties are Classic and Aztec Chilli.

These items are beautifully presented making it the ideal gift – to yourself or someone special



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