The Pepper Garden by Dave Dewitt and Paul W. Bosland

The perfect chilli guide – highly recommended

This book provides a comprehensive guide for the person just beginning to grow chilli peppers and also provides a great reference manual for the more experienced grower.

It walks us through the entire growing process – from seed propagation techniques to garden layout suggestions. It also covers the history of chilli peppers from the beginning to present day commercial and home growing operations.

There are some full colour illustrations and many useful line drawings. We feel that no self respecting chilli-head should without this manual.


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Padron Chilli Pepper Seeds

The Tapas Pepper

Padron peppers are small, strongly flavoured green peppers that are traditionally grown in Padron – a region in North Western Spain.

One you have sown your seeds germination takes around 7 – 10 days or so. The heat level will vary according to the capsaicin within each chilli.

Although not 100% accurate the chillies that are grown towards late August and September tend to contain more capsaicin than the ones grown earlier in the season

Once fully grown you can then serve them fried with olive oil and served with coarse salt. They generally taste sweet and mild, though some are particularly hot and spicy.

We have selected a range of options for you to buy from – all from trusted and established UK retailers.



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Heal’s Mixed Chilli Olives | Tall Kilner Jar

Heals started making beds in 1810 and they’ve been designing and making quality furniture ever since.

Heal’s products have a distinctive character and reputation for innovation. This tradition lives on today.

Heal’s online store sell a wide range of modern, designer and contemporary products.

Here we present for you their tall Kilner Jar which is full of mixed olives which are in extra virgin olive oil with garlic & chillies. This jar comes with a special spoon as well. These are reasonably expensive but would make a nice Christmas gift.


Tabasco Chilli Pepper Jelly

Tabasco Chilli Pepper Jelly



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Chilli Shoes | Womens Chilli Pumps

The Champion sneakers provide the perfect blank canvas to design your own true expression. Style and comfort make the Champion canvas sneaker an indisputable wardrobe essential for every woman.

These are fully customisable – and they do not come cheap – but they are unique and guaranteed to be a style sensation.

Red and Yellow Ornamental Peppers Shoe


womans chilli shoes


chilli trainers


Flying Chillies Shoes


chilli canvas sneakers


chilli canvas pumps


Red Hot Chilli Shoes


red hot chilli footwear


chilli pumps


Hot Chilli Shoes


chilli treads


chili pumps


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Peperoncino Chilli Chocolate Bar

Peperoncino, Chilli Chocolate Bar

This chocolate has 75% high quality cocoa content which makes for a delicious dark chocolate bar. It has the wonderful addition of chilli which adds a nice burn after the initial chocolate flourish. This combination works really well together and originates from the time of the Aztecs who were using chilli with their chocolate concoctions long long before the Europeans had even heard of cocoa.

This is brought to you by the fine people at Chocolate Trading Company and is produced by Venchi.





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Magnetic Notice Boards UK

with a Chilli design

The great folks at All Up And On have 2 versions of their magnetic chilli notice board on sale plus extra magnets for the third item.

These unique magnetic chilli notice boards provide a great focal point for whatever room you choose and are a functional part of your everyday life.

Each board comes with its own set of four powerful magnets themed to harmonise with the image. These come supplied with fittings and this notice board is easily installed with the easily.


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