Chocolate Habanero Chilli Seeds

Chocolate Habanero Chilli Seeds

This is a wonderful scotch bonnet / habanero variety that originates from Jamaica.

This is very similar in appearance to other Habanero chillies but comes in a beautiful chocolate brown colour. These fruits are extremely hot and can be up to 600,000 scoville units.

The bushes grow large with strong woody stems, with green leaves and yellow coloured flowers.

These can be sometimes difficult to germinate, but well worth the effort. Very often they will not fruit in year 1 in the UK and if wintered well will fruit in year 2.

Plant produces heavy yields of 40mm long by 35mm wide wrinkled hot peppers. Peppers are extremely hot and turn from green to chocolate brown when mature.

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Fire Dusted Peanut Butter from CaJohn’s

If there is one thing that the chaps here at the English Chilli Company love with a similar passion to chillies it is their peanut butter. However the English Peanut Butter Company didn’t have quiet the same zing to it.

So when we happened across this CaJohns it combined a few of our favourite things – CaJohns the awesome American chilli brand, chillies and peanut butter.

Believe it or not the two go together so well. This is all natural and full of protein.

Ingredients: peanuts, peanut oil, black pepper, garlic, chile caribe, habanero chilli peppers and a select blend of dehydrated vegetables


hottest salsa collection


ass kickin salsa collection



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Habanero Chilli Mousemat

Highest Quality Mouse Mats from Zazzle

This habanero mouse matt looks great – as simple as that.

It is made with material that is durable, cloth covered and is dust and stain resistant (exciting eh?) It has a fantabulous non-slip backing that keeps your mouse moving while the mouse pad stays in place. Dimensions are 23.5cm x 19.7cm


habanero chilli mouse matt


chilli mouse matt



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The Hot Book of Chillies by David Floyd

The best English Book on Chillies

This book has been written by David Floyd one of the founding members of the UK’s best chilli website The Chile Foundry

The book covers a diverse range of chilli topics such as what makes chillies hot? What are the health benefits derived from eating them? How can you grow them, cook with them and preserve them?

The book comes with a wonderful gallery of almost 100 popular varieties – such as the mild jalapeno to the blistering habanero.


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Blair’s Death Rain Habanero Dry Spice Shaker

This spice shaker delivers the ultimate heat kick to any meal you are cooking, whether it is sprinkling it on a pizza, using it as a rub or marinade, seasoning chips with it, making salsa or adding it to your chilli.

This is one of the hottest dry spices on planet earth and comes from World reknown chilli expert Blair. The other great thing is that you also get a really cool skull keyring as well. Woo Hoo!


blairs spice shaker


blairs death rain habanero dry spice shaker



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Fatalii Chilli Seeds

Fatalii Chilli Pepper Seeds

This Chilli is no mug and the Fatalii (Capsicum Chinese) packs a punch on the Scoville Heat Rating Scale of between 125,000 – 325,000. This chilli that originates in Central and Southern Africa.

These chillies have a flavour which is fruity and citrusy and it has a searing heat that is comparably hotter to the standard habanero. Fatalii is a distant Habañero relative (a kind of estranged brother) and the fruit matures to bright yellow and is long, wrinkled and tapers to a point – about 2 to 3 inches long.

The plants produce lots of peppers – they start producing early and finish late. The chillies start with a pale green and they mature to a bright yellow (there are red Fataliis around as well, but the yellow one is the “real deal”)



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