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The Chilli Pepper Encyclopedia

by Dave DeWitt

The Chilli Pepper Encyclopedia probably has the answer to almost any question that you could ever want to ask about chillies.

For example they answer which chiles are the hottest? From what country did the first chilli plants originate? Can chillies really be used to cure headaches?

Even the most devoted “chile-heads” will be satisfied.

The encyclopedia is researched and written by Dave Dewitt, one of the World’s foremost experts on hot and spicy foods.

In addition to entries on chile species, culture, terminology and agriculture, this encyclopedia includes over 100 fiery recipes from cuisines around the world.’

There are black and white drawings and photographs, charts and graphs that appear throughout, and there is an eight page insert includes color photographs of dozens of varieties of chiles, which will prove invaluable for identification.

The Chile Pepper Encyclopedia is an indispensable sourcebook for chile aficionados, gardeners, cooks, and anyone else who has a burning interest in fiery foods.



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