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The Healing Power of Peppers

With Chilli Pepper Recipes and Folk Remedies for Better Health and Living

Millions of chilli heads really enjoy the amazingly hot flavours of chilli peppers without becoming fully away of the plentiful health benefits that they offer. The team that have written The Healing Powers of Peppers help us to begin engaging with an abundance scientific and medical information.

This includes personal written testimonies regarding the amazing advantagous benefits of chillies.

They show us that many different cultures have known about the real power of chillies and they catalogue dozens of medicinal recipes for a surprising number of aches and pains.

These include:

* Improve circulation
* Fight the common cold
* Aid digestion
* Speed up metabolism
* Lower cholesterol
* Relieve pain

Peppered (get it?) throughout this chilli fact stuffed book are interesting bits of trivia about the world of peppers.





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